PBN Management Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With This Software

If you work with decent sized private blog networks then you know just how annoying and time consuming keeping track of everything is. Sites go down, get de-indexed, hosts and registrars play up and don’t behave, Trust Flow fluctuates.  It can be a real nightmare! But not anymore with this private blog network software! Introducing SEO […]


Why Content Matters For SEO

writing on paper

Your SEO should revolve around quality content, ever heard the phrase ‘content is king’? It’s simple. If you do not have good content, just what exactly will Google rank? Your registrar? The server your domain is hosted on? Your shoes? Nope. It’s content! Google’s mission is to provide its users with what they’re looking for. If your website […]


SEO Workstation Tutorial – Auto Post & Schedule Articles To Blogs

poster seo workstation

SEO Workstation allows you to conveniently post or schedule articles to your blogs through the poster tool with an automatic date and site selector. Add your articles to the poster tool by clicking the   button in the content creator. To open the poster tool. Click the   button in the content creator. If you use this […]


SEO Workstation Tutorial – Settings

settings page seo workstation

Here you can enter all your API details to use some of the features in SEO Workstation and change notification and automatic site updates settings. Notifications Settings Here you can choose what type of notifications you want to get (Notifications are located on the site manager page) • Enable Notifications Set to “Yes” to enable […]


SEO Workstation Tutorial – Registrars & Hosts Management

SEO Workstation Registrars And Hosts

This section of SEO Workstation allows you to add your registrars and hosts that your domains are assigned to, so you can quickly log in to them. You can also easily see which domains are assigned to which registrars and hosts for easy management. Registrar Management Let’s take a look at how to add and […]


SEO Workstation Tutorial – Site Manager

SEO Workstation site manager

Here you can add all your domains/PBN and quickly access their wordpress dashboards with 1 click. If domains go down, get de-indexed or expire you’ll get notified so you can take the required actions. You can edit the notification settings on the settings page. The Site Manager features profile categorization to help with organizing your […]


SEO Workstation Tutorial – Mass Content Creator

Mass content creator SEO Workstation

This tools allows you to rapidly create multiple articles on any given topic with more control over how your links are inserted and where the generator gets content from.  Let’s go over each tab and the options you have for creating multiple articles. General Settings Tab • Project Name The name of your project or […]